Summer Soiree

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~ Summer Soirée ~

Last Friday we had little a celebration for our new look store in the Byron Arts Estate. Well it was a celebration for all things amazing really – the return of our Instagram account, the beautiful summer weather on the way & the love for the amazing community that we live in.

It was a perfect balmy evening with a sunset glow to light up the stage for our friends Carlie & Yosie who played two amazing sets. Follow their adventures and magical sounds at www.carliefairburn.com They set the atmosphere while everyone mingled and enjoyed the violet hued cocktails from Ink Gin. Yummy!

So may smiling faces & crazy kids made the night a special gift to remember!

A big thank you to Ryan from Street Sushi for supply us with his famous sushi goodness. It disappeared pretty quickly! And another thank you goes out to Benny from Stitch & Hide for his impromptu set of blissful sounds.

Yay just another amazing day in Byron Bay with good friends & family! Come and visit us now at 12 Centennial Circuit Arts & Industry Estate xx
Photography by Elizabeth Milne with a few Instagrams thrown in!

Love White

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Love White

The colour white is considered to be the most complete and pure of all colours… the colour of perfection. Representing purity, wholeness and completion. It is the colour of new beginnings where anything is possible and is said to awaken openness, growth and creativity.

Once again we are blown away by the magic created by Helen of Gypsylovinlight alongside her talented husband/ photographer Bobby Bense.Together they have captured the amazingly luminous elements of white with pure, simple elegance. Helen wears our Estella Playsuit, Dawn Light Necklace and Jewel of Rishikesh Maxi Kimono in Dusk as she wanders the shores of Hillarys Beach in Western Australia. She radiates joy as she lights up the sand she walks on. Absolute perfection.

You can check out Helen’s full blog post here

With love and light, the H & H Girls  xx

All photos from Gypsylovinlight

Hat from Ace of Something

You can find the extra jewel credits on Helen’s Blog

Interior Love by Paulina Arcklin

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So we have a *slight* obsession with Paulina Arcklin’s amazing interior styling. White on white, neutral palette, whitewash meets grey, fresh & clean…The vibe she creates for her interiors is so inspiring! Always looking forward to seeing what she dreams up next. You can find more of her amazing work on Instagram, FB and her Website.

Love & Light,

The H + H Girls xx

Modern Day Romance

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Loving this family album and post by the amazing Captain and the Gypsy Kid, featuring the Frankenreiter family up close and personal with their artistic creativity (and humour!) at The Atlantic Byron Bay. Such beautiful captures of the fantastic artwork they’ve painted, and especially the natural and good-natured fun they have while creating it, even behind the lens. Being silly and celebrating life in colour with the people you love – that’s truly a gift to cherish. Well done Captain, we look forward to seeing more awesome posts from you!

With Love & FUN!

The H & H Girls xx

Marrakech Daydreams

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~~~ Take us away to this gorgeous palace ~~~

Dreaming of this absolutely stunning destination today! The Royal Hotel Mansour in Marrakech fulfils our Moroccan wanderlusting in every way with it’s incredibly decadent decor and rich tapestry – one can only imagine how divine staying here for holiday would be (insert love heart eyes here), or perhaps ’spa-hopping’ for a week in Marrakech with this hotel on our compass? Yes, please! This place is definitely on our travel bucket list!

Always stay inspired lovelies,

The H + H Girls ..xx

Images via Vogue , Honestlywtf

A Life Of Love

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“She loved life and it loved her right back.”

Our struggles and traumas can also become our greatest strengths and joys, here Helen of Gypsylovinlight reflects on a journey in her life when she was called to move beyond the physical pain of her second pregnancy:

“I think that we generally only start to question what is going on when things are not so great. It is these low experiences in our lives that act as the catalysts for transformation. I look back now with pure gratitude for the pain and traumas I have been through in my life. I would not have strived for a life of love without them.

This experience changed me in many ways. My ability to let go of stressful ‘what if’ thoughts is much easier. I can focus on the beauty of life amidst chaos, and I discovered that the more you focus on the good stuff, and not the bad stuff, the more the bad stuff will actually lose it's power and start to disappear from your life. Whatever you spend your time thinking about will become your life. So think beautiful thoughts, kind thoughts, grateful thoughts, loving thoughts, joyful thoughts. And when life throws you a curveball, I hope that you can remember at some point to be easy on yourself, and find that light and love within that allows you to move through it with grace and ease.”

Read her full post HERE

- Link to -

Jewel Of Rishikesh Kimono

Sacred Shankha Shell Pendent

With love and light in all ways,

H + H Girls xx

White Light Wanderer

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Akina Silk Kimono Smoke Ceremony

Akina Silk Kimono Smoke Ceremony, Bahiti Brass Belt

Akina Silk Kimono Smoke Ceremony, Bahiti Brass Belt, Nyali Treasure Necklace

Bandari Sarong Scarf, Baarish Cowrie Shell Necklace

Bengal Bell Clutch, Bandari Silk Sarong

Castaway Quartz & Shell Necklace

Frida Dress, Desert Haze Necklace

Frida Dress, Desert Haze Necklace, Coral Coast Bracelet set

Desert Haze Crystal Necklace

Kambala Skirt White

Kambala Skirt White, Nyali Treasure Necklace

Mariposa Singlet White, Baarish Cowrie Shell Necklace

Mariposa Singlet White, Baarish Cowrie Shell Necklace

Estella Playsuit White

Estella Playsuit White, Nyali Treasure Necklace

:: White Light Wanderer ::

Like a castaway in paradise, she is happy to wander… never lost and always found  She discovers her wildness, her light, and always returns to herself.

These fresh new pieces joining our latest collection are a reflection of the white sand beaches that we wander upon everyday here in Byron Bay. The designs resonate with the sound of the waves upon the shores, the colours of the coast, and the warmth of sunlight that embraces and bathes the land. Our Akina Kimono in Smoke Ceremony is back this season, refreshed alongside elegant designs of our new Bandari Silk Sarong, Frida Dress and Mariposa Singlet, all styled with gorgeous accessories that wear best while exploring a shoreline of soft white sands. In essence, summer continues on as we are adorned in what we love the most ~
beauty and comfort.

See all new White Light Wanderer pieces HERE. xx.

Model: Alea Rain

H & M: Stacey King  Eye of Horus Cosmetics, Evohe Skincare

Photographer: Elizabeth Milne

Infinite Light

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:: Infinite Light ~ via The Lane ::

There’s just something so ethereal and beautifully raw about this photoshoot featuring the gorgeous Hanalei Reponty dressed in white, set in the striking contrast of desert country. It reminds us of a jetset wedding shoot somewhere in Morocco and off the beaten track: the rolling dunes reflecting the soft curves of her shoulders and the wisp of her wind-blown hair (how good is that golden blonde mane?!), the warmth of the setting sun, and the details of the gowns are pure elegance and grace. Loving this editorial for inspirational vibes of summer magic and beauty in one adventure!

With love and light,

The H & H Team xx

images via: The Lane & Bohemian Diesel

The Way She Moves

Mariposa Singlet Golden Sun

Mariposa Singlet Golden Sun

Mariposa Singlet Golden Sun

Jewel Of Rishikesh Maxi Kimono Aqua

Jewel Of Rishikesh Maxi Kimono Aqua

Jewel Of Rishikesh Maxi Kimono Aqua

Jewel Of Rishikesh Maxi Kimono Aqua

Jewel Of Rishikesh Kimono Aqua

Jewel Of Rishikesh Maxi Kimono Aqua

Jewel Of Rishikesh Maxi Kimono Aqua

Jewel Of Rishikesh Maxi Kimono Aqua

Mariposa Singlet Horizon

Mariposa Singlet Horizon

Kamballa Skirt White

Estella Playsuit White

Estella Playsuit White

Solace Mini Dress Oasis

Marrakech Silk Skirt Oasis

Marrkech Silk Skirt Oasis

Marrakech Silk Skirt Papaya

Marrakech Silk Skirt Papaya

Solace Mini Silk Dress Papaya

Fallen Broken Street Hat

Fallen Broken Street Hat

Solace Mini Dress Black

Frida Dress White

Frida Dress White

:: The Way She Moves ::

As we move into summertime with a fresh palette, we created this seasons style to be the effortless go-to’s for anywhere we venture : the markets, the beach, summer parties, or travelling. We created hand-crafted accessories with a blend of local and world inspiration to compliment the designs, letting it all come together for a bright and flirty summer vibe.

Because we are in the midst of our rainy season here in tropical Byron, we chose to let the photo shoot unfold organically, and so the setting became the gorgeous Magnolia House of Byron Beach Abodes, just in the heart of our beautiful little town. Connecting more within the community and celebrating our lifestyle is the vision for our Hendrix + Harlow label, and so we were really happy to have the shoot at this location. Furniture and Homewares have arrived in a big way this season, and we were able to showcase some of our favourite new pieces within the setting of this lovely house. We also want to send a big THANK YOU to our friends at Fallen Broken Street whose hats completed some of our summer looks for this shoot, and are excited to announce that these hats are now available through us, in-store and online.

The bright setting of the Magnolia House also lent perfectly to what we are celebrating this season: the natural and sensual vibe of relaxation and comfort as we flow into summer. We especially love the beauty of well-designed and comfortable clothing, so we can go live our summer days feeling great, or taking it off and just being free! Whichever way we choose to shine – playing the guitar, slowing the pace, or moving our body the way it wants to move – we love it when we are feeling the rhythms, feeling the sunshine, the breeze, and creating purpose in the flow: this is the pace we become here in Byron.

What we love most about these looks is that they offer vibrancy combined with a laid-back style so we can wear them anywhere, because not only are we playing and moving through summer, we ARE summer: living it and loving it!

Join us as we flow with these colours, this seasons rhythms, and the moment – smiling and feeling free.

With Love,

The Hendrix + Harlow Team xx


House: Talia @ Magnolia House

Model: Lauren J. Bell

Hair: Karen @ KC Creative

Makeup: Rhiannon Sprague

Photography: Elizabeth Milne


Hendrix & Harlow Launch

The Hendrix and Harlow story begins with Mark and I, two creatives coming together to share our unique designs, collectables, and way of life. Since the beginning of my original label, Myee Carlyle, I have seen it grow from marketplace to studio space, and eventually to a concept store, providing international clients their wardrobe staples and flowing silk pieces imprinted with the gifts of Mother Nature. When Mark joined our team in designing hand-crafted furniture collections over a year ago, we both soon realized that we were creating the vision of our dreams.

As we focus on a family lifestyle of the truly magical times we have living here in Byron Bay, we see this reflecting throughout our creations. All of the beach adventures and sharing of blissful moments with friends and our kids, long picnics by the seaside at Wategos, our beautiful children growing and playing with their friends on this special land, watching sunsets over the vast caldera mountains to the west, and a colourful array of amazing wildlife and plantlife, we feel blessed to have these experiences all echo into the creative gifts we bring to our local and world community. The best part about this is that we have been able to bridge together life, love, work, and play with the ever changing seasons and tides of this stunning and incredibly special place we call home, sharing it in ways that we knew were possible once in a dream, now turned reality.

The name change, Hendrix & Harlow, encapsulates a family journey of an evolving brand to a true lifestyle story, with designs being made all under one house. Being based in Byron Bay has given the label the best opportunity to draw inspiration from the abundant local landscape, lending to the coastal style and tangible textures revealed in both of our creations.

Moving forward in this new vision as the Hendrix & Harlow team evolves, we will continue to bring stories of land and sea to life through earthy and fresh collections, as well as details and inspirations from international destinations. Hand-crafted jewellery, vivid prints, and plant-dyed silks remain a staple in our clothing designs, and the rustic and rich details of skilfully crafted timber furniture from Marks hands.

We invite you on the journey of new horizons and familiar landscapes providing beautiful creations for your wardrobe and home, and are ever grateful for the continued support of our growing business and this new website launch.

With Love from the Hendrix + Harlow team,